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We are an employee health management firm focused on preventive health strategies at the worksite. We care for healthy lifestyles, prevention and financial fitness for individuals, families and organizations.

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TwoMedicine specializes in...

  • Comprehensive worksite wellness solutions
  • Wellness performance evaluation
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“Through the aggressive wellness efforts provided by TwoMedicine Health & Financial Fitness on behalf of the Trust, we are moving our group members into the role of responsible consumers, lowering the health risks of or our members and providing them an opportunity to take charge of their health. We are convinced the continued stability of our benefit pool is a result of each groups’ desire to embrace the wellness programs and initiatives that we provide through TwoMedicine Health & Financial Fitness.”

Vern Peterson
Trust Administrator
Joint Powers Trust

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"TwoMedicine has been a vital part of our wellness initiative at Western States Insurance. With their guidance and expertise, we have been able to design and deliver a top notch program to suit the needs of our 400+ employees across the northwest United States. We have resourced them extensively over the last four years to move our organization from a simple morale focused model to a measurable results focused model. We look forward to a future which promotes a culture whereas our employees are engaged and rewarded for taking active part in their own health and well being. This not only improves their personal life but has lasting impact on their work life and ultimately Western States Insurance. We would recommend TwoMedicine as a valuable wellness resource for your employees and your business."

Renee King
Director of Human Resources
Western States Insurance

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Recent News

2014 Wyoming Employee Health Management & Wellness Summit Presentations

TwoMedicine Health & Financial Fitness hosted the 2014 Wyoming Employee Health Management & Wellness Summit in Sheridan, Wyoming on April 30 - May 1, 2014.   

The presentations are posted below.

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Mayo Clinic Walk to Wellness Program

The Mayo Clinic Walk to Welness enrollment period has officially begun this morning.  The enrollment window will be open until April 29th and all interested individuals must sign up within that timeframe. The Walking Program…

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Data shows TwoMedicine client – Joint Powers Trust - lowered health claims

While national medical care expenditures continue to rise, data shows that Joint Powers Trust (JPT), a group health benefits trust and TwoMedicine client, was able…

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